Thursday, October 22, 2009

Duff D. Moss' Writing Challenge

If you would like to join us on Triond, sign up is simple and free. Earnings are paid on the 10th of the month following the end of the month with a balance of at least $.50 if Paypal payment is chosen. Payment by check or Westen Union requires a balance of $50.


Every other week my fellow writer, Duff D Moss issues a Writing Challenge through the forum. Those that participate have one week to get their entries published. The following week there is a results thread to list entry URLs for all to see. This blog will list the entries. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy creating them.


Writing Challenge Round 26

The words this week have been provided by the lovely Annie Hinstsala.

She has suggested the following words:
radioactive material & hemlock


Hidden Health Threats From Hemlock and Radioactive Material
By irenen1 on August 11th, 2010
Dangers lurk in unexpected places from known hazards. Hemlock from legends and modern day radioactive materials pose health threats.

Chapter Six: Radioactive Material and Hemlock
By Annie Hintsala on Aug 13, 2010
In answer to the Duff word challenge I have added a sixth chapter to the ongoing saga of the evils of liquor, phonebooks, broken bottles, ebony amulets, and now radioactive material and hemlock. Enjoy. Read more...

The Sandwich
By Cebah on Aug 14, 2010
Writing Challenge 26 – A short story using the words “radioactive material”
& “hemlock”.

Who Eventually Won? : a Poem About Killing
By LCM Linda on Aug 15, 2010
Who Eventually Won? This poem is about killing. The poem is my entry to Writing Challenge Round 26 organized by Triond fellow member Duff D Moss. Challenged words are radioactive material & hemlock. Hope you enjoy it. Read more...

How to Kill The Heart
By nymphofairy on August 11th, 2010
Not the organ/ the mental interpretation of the heart Read more...

Reflections on a Room
By wordperson on Aug 13, 2010
A poem in response to Writing Challenge 26.

Writing Poetry
By Cassandra Antares on August 16, 2010
Why do I write poetry?

Radioactive Material vs Hemlock
By Marie Milton on Aug 11, 2010
It glowed in the dark
The building stood tall

Radioactive Hemlock
By Darla Smith on Aug 12, 2010
Where did you find that hemlock?
In the forest or down by the lake?

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