Monday, February 21, 2011

Triond's Duff D Moss Writing Challenge Round 34

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Every other week or so my fellow writer, Duff D Moss issues a Writing Challenge through the forum. Those that participate have one week to get their entries published. The following week there is a results thread to list entry URLs for all to see. This blog will list the entries. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy creating them. Feel free to leave comments and click on anything that may be of interest to you either on the blog or on an article. Read more...

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Writing Challenge Round 34

The words this week have been provided by Duff D Moss .

He has suggested the following words:
chunky yoghurt and foliage


Wondering Where He Went? Mnof is Recovering
By irenen1 on February 19th, 2011
Read it here...

How Yogurt Helps The Gardener Produce Lush Foliage
By irenen1 on February 16th, 2011
Read it here...

Chunky Yogurt and Foliage
By Darla Smith on February 15th, 2011
Read it here...

Ben Has A Problem
By Duff D Moss on February 18th, 2011
Read it here...

Decorated Foliage
By littlemama76 on February 14th, 2011
Read it here...

Chapter Thirteen: Chunky Yogurt and Foliage
By Annie Hintsala on February 20th, 2011
Read it here...

Understand Plants The Way The Experts Do
By Jack Rodnessey on February 20th, 2011
Read it here...

Empty Space
By Spiritt on February 17th, 2011
Read it here...


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